We are proud to introduce to you our Summer Splash vegan wax wraps – a great alternative to cling film and a fabulous addition to the Ballihoo market shop!

Beeswax and vegan wraps are a great sustainable alternative to cling film – one of the most popular single-use plastic products in our homes. Handmade from 100% GOTS cotton and infused with a sustainably sourced formula of beeswax, rosin, and organic jojoba oil, they are simple to use and keep food fresher for longer. Once you’ve used the wrap, give it a quick rinse, hang it out to dry and it will be as good as new: you can re-wax them for an even longer life.

A great way to keep your morning loaf fresh, wax wraps are highly versatile and can be used to store and wrap produce – helping to cut down on food waste too. Simple to use, either wrap them around the item, fold them into a pouch or use the heat of your hands to mould them into shape.

Not only are they useful, but they are beautiful too. Designed by our in-house team, Nicola Burgess, using illustrations you will see at Lower Mill Estate and Silverlake, they make leftovers and lunches far more interesting.

Available now in a handy pack of three for just £12, our limited-edition wraps make an ideal gift for friends looking to be more sustainable in daily life, or as a keepsake of your time here with us!